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Store Policy

Customer Care

Feel free to contact me at to discuss the purchase of books or ordering of portraits with any questions you may have about the process or photos needed.

I gladly accept returns and exchanges.

I package items (books or portraits) in such a way to prevent damage (see Shipping and Returns), however if your purchase arrives damaged please contact me and I will organise for a return and exchange.


Regarding portraits, I will email copies of the portrait before posting for appraisal in case there are any adjustments needed on your artwork.

See Shipping & Returns for further details.

Send me your photos for review. It is good to send a few photos, as this gives me an idea of ​​the appearance and personality of a person. We can decide together which photos are best for the final sketch.

Please ensure all photos are:

- As clear as possible - A photo of good quality is very important for the best possible portrait!

- The ideal photo will be close-up with good lighting, contrast and resolution, however not extremely close-up as in cropped selfies (for example where the top of the hair might be missing)


If you would like to combine people from different photos, The main thing to keep in mind is that they must have similar lighting and that they are taken at similar distances.

If I think I am unable to work with the photos you send due to poor quality etc and you cannot provide alternatives I will issue a full refund, however I will work with you as much as possible prior to that decision to create a picture you are happy with.

My turn around time can be anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks depending on portrait size and my drawing schedule. Please let me know if you have a deadline so I can do my best to help you keep to it.


NB: The portrait does not come framed

I look forward to drawing for you & capturing that special moment/person.

I like to put copies of the portraits I have drawn onto my website but I ask for approval before doing so. 

I also ask buyers if they would like to give a review to go on my website.

I respect people's privacy and would not give out any photos, drawings etc to any third party without permission.

Payment Methods
  • Direct Debit (contact me for details)


Payment Methods
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