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~ About Me ~


Welcome to my creative space!

My name is Julie Willersdorf. I am the blessed mother and grandmother of 11 amazing children, and 20 wonderful grandchildren.

I live in country NSW, on a small farm where we milk cows, collect eggs & pick fresh veggies, fruit and flowers from the garden.

I was widowed in November 2013 with eight children still living at home, and much of that story, walking and talking with Jesus, is in my book 'Beloved' which you can order from this site.

I have a passion for healthy living, writing & sketching, but mostly for the one who rescues me from grief, frustration, self pity, loneliness (& so the list goes on) -> Jesus Christ.

(What do you need rescuing from?)

I hope the creativeness He has gifted me with can be a blessing to many others, perhaps even you.

Basket and Wild Flowers
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