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My Mum

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

This portrait is actually of my mum. She is now with the Lord.

My mum was such a servant. This is seen firstly in her family growing up. She being one of the younger ones used to go and help her married sisters as their babies arrived. Also being a nurses aid showed her desire to help others.

Her serving continued as she married and had children of her own, eight in total over the space of 10 years. I thank her and God that she was willing to carry in her body and give birth to each of us eight children when many now choose otherwise. With so many to feed and clothe, she cooked, cleaned, washed and sewed and cooked, cleaned, washed and sewed.

Very rare would it be if mum was not there when we arrived home from school. And often there'd be something freshly baked like Potato German cake (so yummy!) At shearing time she fed all the shearers morning and afternoon tea and a huge midday meal. She worked on committees, she followed all our sports and she took us to church and Sunday school. She opened her home to others.

After Dad passed away she moved to town and took on jobs caring for others who could not care for themselves. She also cared for her elder sisters as one by one they became sick. She would pick up friends who couldn't drive and take them to church. She visited the sick.

When our own children came she would often be there to help. She remembered not only all our birthdays but our children's as well. When we dropped in to visit she would have prepared her amazing chicken soup and a fruit cake made for us to take home.

I miss her phone calls. I miss ringing her, asking for advice or to pray for me. I miss visiting her in the nursing home. I miss my beautiful, servant-hearted mum but know that one day I will see her again.

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